About us

Our staff ranges from Freshwater Hobbyists to

Masters level Marine Biologists!

We care about our livestock and take the upmost pride in the quality and care of our Coral and Fish. We do not have to offer replacement policies like the box stores because we have high quality Coral and Fish. Our Coral and Fish aren’t being kept in poorly maintained tanks with Fish that are purchased in such large quantities that they are expected to die. Quality in equals Quality out! We conduct daily water changes and consistent tank monitoring to ensure that we have healthy customer ready Coral and Fish. We have quarantine tanks designated for the rehabilitation and care for Coral and Fish that are not ready for customer delivery.

We are an Alaskan Owned and Operated business since 2008. Tim Hopkins the owner started like all other Coral and Fish enthusiasts, as a small hobbyist. He decided to open the shop so all level of Coral and Fish enthusiasts had a welcoming and knowledgable store to come to.

At Alaska Coral and Fish

We have a Simple Rule:  


"We won't let you put it in your tank unless

we would put it in ours at home"

Alaska Coral and Fish, LLC

665 West Potter Road 

Anchorage, Alaska 99504 

Phone: 907.929.8335

Email:  AkCoralmaniacs@hotmail.com

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